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Pupil Premium

We recognise that pupils can experience many barriers to their learning and that these barriers can be long term or of a more short term nature.  We believe that it is vital that these barriers are identified and addressed in order for pupils to achieve their maximum potential.  Analysis has shown that typical barriers include: 

  • ​Children in the Early Years of school have poor language skills on entry which hinders their progress in communication, language and literacy.
  • Some children with additional social and emotional needs struggle with their learning and on occasion their behaviours can affect the learning of those around them.
  • Children lack first hand experiences, resulting in a lack of vocabulary across the curriculum.
  • Disadvantaged children do not yet make quick enough progress in their ability to decode words.
  • Parental engagement with school and in their child’s learning.
  • Family circumstances, including level of support and resources at home, often impact negatively on children’s learning.

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