• School Vision & Values

School Vision & Values

Our children are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle
Our children do this by being actively encouraged to receive school meals. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is also promoted in the curriculum by our pupils taking part in 2 hours of PE each week, learning about healthy daily routines, and outdoor learning centered around growth of fruit and veg.
Our children show care and concern for themselves, for other people and the environment.
 Our curriculum teaches the children through PSHE and Science how to stay safe and look after ourselves and our bodies. This philosophy is lived out in our school routines and in the interactions our children have with each other and other people. This year, children in the gardening club are embarking on the John Muir Award.
Our children are enthusiastic for learning and to strive to be all that they can be
Children are continually assessed by our teachers to ensure they are working towards their highest possible academic target. Children are engaged in the learning process by making the curriculum as suitable to them. Our high staff:pupil ratio ensures that we can support an inclusive education that challenges each pupil at their level of understanding.
Our children make a positive contribution to their community.
We take our children out into the community regularly; on visits to COSC and to Netherton Church. Our children can confidently identify governors in our school from the community (such as Mr Parker, Mrs Wignall and Mrs Swindells)  who come to see the children regularly. Members of the church community at All Souls Netherton also attend our school festival of achievement each year and run our Little Angels after school club.
Our children take responsibility for their learning by becoming independent, working with others and always doing their best.
At Ellenborough, our pupils are actively encouraged to take their own part in learning. They do this by self and peer assessment throughout the curriculum. Children are encouraged to strive on to the next level with an amount of independence as well as work in groups. They are also taught self-regulation techniques in short weekly sessions.