• Cumbria Teacher Training (CTT)

Cumbria Teacher Training (CTT)

Cumbria Teacher Training (CTT) is a School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) course offering a primary Post Graduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The course covers teaching children aged 3-11 including providing experience in teaching Early Years/ Foundation Stage.

The PGCE offers sixty credits at masters’ degree level (approximately a third of a masters’ degree). However, CTT recognises that the needs of all learners are different & therefore the course is designed flexibly to allow multiple exit qualifications: PGCE plus QTS; QTS only & Professional Graduate Certificate of Education only.

The great advantage of the SCITT course is that it is designed by headteachers, in partnership with NEAT Research School and Sheffield Hallam University. Who better to ensure that the learning provided meets the needs of future teachers? This also means that all schools are completely committed to learning; they are not just taking students on placement - they run the course! This means that CTT is at the cutting edge of developments in Initial Teacher Education with all the benefits that brings to learning.

CTT is a small course by design and only recruits a limited number of trainees each year. This small number means that the course can offer individualised learning programmes and support to everyone on the course to a degree that is impossible on larger courses.

The course offers a friendly learning experience of the highest quality and warmly invites anyone to contact them and find out more about the Cumbria PGCE & QTS programmes.

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